Malaysia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Our 40% Carbon Emission Reduction Commitment To The World:

Global warming is impacting global climate in a dangerous way. Much of it results from the ‘greenhouse effect’ of heat trapped by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a significant by-product of our increased energy usage.

Here in Malaysia, the biggest culprit is prolific use of air-conditioning which accounts for up to 45% of residential and 64% of non-residential energy usage. In fact, on a per capita basis, Malaysia is the third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide in Asia (after Singapore and Brunei), exceeding even China and India.

In a progressive and eco-friendly move, Malaysia joined other nations at 2009’s COPI5 UN Climate Change Conference in committing to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions up to 40% by 2020.

What is “Going Green:” ?
The goal is to aim for energy efficient or ‘green’ buildings which conserve resources, cost less to operate and maintain, increase productivity and health and in general are designed and operated to reduce impact of the built environment on the surroundings. They save water and energy, generate less greenhouse emissions and landfill waste and increase worker productivity throught reduced sick time.

Towards 2020: Malaysia’s GBI Green Building Certification.

The Green Buiding Index (GBI), Malaysia’s industry-recognised Green Rating Tool, is specifically designed for our tropical climate and evaluates sustainble aspects of residential buildings, including condominiums, linked houses, semi-detached houses and bungalows.

Total points achievable is 100 and a minimum of 50 points is required for GBI certification.

Within this assessment methodology, TERREAL products can contribute up to 16 points * – or almost a third of the points needed to achieve GBI certification.

The GBI call

To recap, the “greenness” of a building, residential or nonresidential, is qualified by an industry-recognised rating system, e.g., the Green Building Index (GBI), which allocates points in six (6) areas or criteria of assessment (see Table GBI Points Allocation Chart). The total tally of points scored then determines the class or standard of greenness achieved, i.e., “certified” (average), “silver”, “gold” or “platinum”. For residential buildings, “energy efficiency” is a key criterion, an important aspect of which is “minimising solar heat gain”.

* subject to GreenBuildingIndex Sdn Bhd approval.


1. Turn off your appliances (TV, DVD, Computer) at the switch when you are not using them. Stand by mode consumes about 20% of energy when appliance is switched on.

2. Replace your light bulbs to energy efficient CFL compact fluorescent light. CFL lights use only 20% of the energy used by normal light bulbs.

3. Buy labelled Energy Efficient appliances (Fridge, Washing Machines, Air Conditioner). Always refer to energy rating labels during purchase.

4. Install a Solar Hot Water system, such as SolarMaxTM and reduces up to 25% of your electricity bills. With hot water system, no electricity is needed to heat water, only the power of the sun.

5. Make sure each room has a fan (ceiling fan or standing fan) to limit need for air conditioning. Always switch off fan when leaving a room. Fan only removes heat away from body, it does not cool room.

6. Increase your Air conditioning setting temperature from 20oC to 24oC. It will allow you to save up to 33% electricity usage

7. Insulate well your roof with reflective insulation, such as CooLMax™, and reduces up to 10oC inside your house. More than half of heat gain comes from roof. An effective roof insulation is one of the most important element to reduce usage of air conditioning

8. Plant trees around your house, especially at the East and West sides of your house. It will reduce heat gain naturally, before it strikes your house

9. Equip your windows with blinds, especially for East and West facing opening. Close blinds on East in morning and West in afternoon

10. Practice morning purge. Open your windows early in the morning and let fresh air cool down your house; close your windows and blinds later in the morning, before 9.30am

TERREAL’S GBI Approach Products


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