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What is the difference between TBF clay roof tiles and concrete tiles?

Long lasting, cooling, aesthetically superior, environmental friendly and exclusive, TBF clay roof tiles are the roofing materials of choice, when it comes to high end housing and quality.

What is the difference between Modern Glaze and Classic Glaze?

Classic Glazed is more shinning and glossy than modern glaze. Both have the anti-fungus properties.

How long can Natural Tones stand before fungus starts growing?

Normally depends on the situation of the house and humidity level of its surrounding. If there are lots of trees surrounding the roof, which provide a lot of shelters and shade than the fungus can growth faster compared to an open area. The pitch and drainage of the roof are also 2 key factors. The steeper the roof the less fungus growth, as the water is running faster.

Can clay roof tiles be installed on a steel batten?

Yes. They are fixed by self tapered screw. Our lug design is especially suited for this type of installation.

Can you tailor made Special colour?

Yes. Basically we need a sample colour and our production team will develop the nearest colour. However, there is a minimum quantity of 50,000 tiles to cover the development cost and pricing will depend on pigment used as well as project quantity.

What is the delivery lead time?

For all standard colors in our catalogue : 2 weeks
For special colors : 8 weeks

What is the recommended roof pitch?

We recommend a range from 22 to 35 degrees. It depends on the exposure to wind and rain of the roof. It varies also if you are using underlay or not (we strongly recommend under tropical climate)

A pitch between 25 and 35 degrees will optimize the flow of water and waterproofness of the roof. Furthermore, it allows visualizing our profile from ground level.

What is your minimum pitch?

Depend on the area of the house : whether it is a protected area (in a valley for example), a normal area or an open area (near a beach for example) or exposed to strong wind. You can go as low as 19 degree if underlaying material is used. The span of the roof is also a factor, the longer the span the higher the pitch needs to be.

Do you have a complete range of accessories?

Yes. Our range of accessories is tailored to enhance roof finishing and to cover each potential leaking area o. We strongly recommend our socket and lantern for ventilation purposes.

What kind of warranty given on TBF clay roof tiles?

TBF Clay roof tiles are made according to highest quality standards and come with a standard 10 years warranty.


How does CoolMax™ Premium Reflective Insulation work?

CoolMax™ Premium Reflective Insulation uses the physics of reflective air space and combines it with low K air cavities, obtained by closed air cell structure. Due to dual or more highly reflective foils (low emittance), CoolMax™ Premium Insulation reflects up to 97% of radiant heat away from its surface. Very small quantity of heat absorbed will be further reduced by CoolMax™ low-K closed air cell structure.

What is R-value?

With buildings, we refer to heat flow in a number of different ways. The most common reference is “R-value,” or resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value of a material, the better it is at resisting heat gain (or heat loss).

What is U-value?

U value is a measure of the flow of heat (Thermal transmittance) through a material, given a difference in temperature on either side. The lower the U value, the lower ability to transmit heat. In other word, the lower the U value, the better the roof will be at resisting heat transfer.

What are the differences between CoolMax™ Premium and CoolMax™ Alufoil?

CoolMax™ Premium range is thermal insulation whereas the CoolMax™ Alufoil is a radiant barrier.

How do I install Coolmax Insulation to my roof/ceillng?

Coolmax can be easily installed using nails, screws, or a staple gun. Please contact us for detailed installation instructions.

Do I need to tape the joins?

In most CoolMax™ insulation applications, you will need to tape the joins, some by overlapping by 50mm, some by butt joining. In case where no taping is an option, CoolMax ™ insulation is to be installed by overlapping by 150mm (the alternative is overlapping by 50mm and taping).

Does Coolmax Premium Insulation need support mesh?

No. CoolMax ™ Premium is self supported product.

Can I install the CoolMax™ Premium to my existing house?

Yes. Actual installation technique depends on the attic configuration, existence of bulk insulation and so forth. Please contact us for detailed installation instructions.

Is CoolMax™ Premium Insulation affected by moisture?

No. CoolMax™ Premium Insulation is not affected by moisture. CoolMax™ Premium Insulation structure is entirely water resistant and can perform as a waterproof membrane ‘and water vapor barrier. On top, CoolMax™ Insulation’s pure aluminum foils are treated against possible corrosion with an innovative High Resistance Treatment.

Can I puncture CoolMax™ Premium Insulation?

Sometimes, during installation there is a need to puncture CoolMax™ Insulation. Such puncturing will not have significant effect on CoolMax™ Insulation thermal performances. Most of CoolMax™ Insulation’s thermal resistance derived from the low emittance high reflective surfaces. Puncturing few closed cell air bubbles out of many others will not affect product integrity, and has no impact on the overall performance.

Are you giving any Product Warranty?

Product warranty is only given for CoolMax™ Premium insulation range. The warranty period is 10 -15 years depends on product range.


What is the piping requirement to install a solar water heater system?

You need to have 2 separate water piping system: One for cold water and one for Hot water. For Hot water piping, the piping material has to be copper or stainless steel. It needs to connect to all essential parts of your house, where Hot water is necessary, like bathrooms, kitchen and utility area. Also, one power supply is required in order to switch on the back-up electric booster.

Can Terreal package Supply & Install for its SolarMax™ product?

Yes. Terreal will supply and install your SolarMax™ with one of its certified installation partner. Under your scope of work, you will need to prepare the hot and cold water pipings to water tank area, as well as the electric connection. Terreal will do the rest of installation, testing and commissioning works.

How do I know which model is suitable for my house usage?

When you decide to install a solar heater, we encourage you to design your system so that you minimize usage of back-up electric booster: it will reduce your energy consumption toward zero. Your needs can be calculated depending on the number of head count and number of bathroom in your house, with following standard assumptions :

Average Water Consumption 35 liters / person / day
High Consumption 50 liters / person / day
Low Consumption 20 liters / person / day
A family of 4 persons with high consumption will use 200 liters / day with normal shower
Consumption will be related to usage habits and applications (washing machine, dish washer, Jacuzzi, …)


30 gallons – 136 litres with 1 collector
Suitable for 1-2 bathrooms with 2-3 persons (high consumption)

SolarMax 60

60 gallons – 272 litres with 2 collectors
Suitable for 3-5 bathrooms with 4 – 6 persons (high consumption)

SolarMax 300L

66 gallons – 300 litres with 2 collectors
Suitable for 5-6 bathrooms with 6-7 persons (high consumption)

If I have a Jacuzzi or more than 6 bathrooms at my house?

You can install more than a unit of SM 60 or SM 300L. You can also consider our SolarMax™ XL Series that was created to cater for any hot water consumption. Kindly contact us for further details.

How does rainy days affect SolarMax™ hot water system performance?

Solarmax™ has a back up electric booster for rainy days or during the festive season when you need more hot water than usual. Turn on the booster switch for 45 minutes to 60 minutes and hot water will be ready for use at anytime.

What is the different between SolarMax™ and SolarMax™ Premium?

SolarMax™ Premium is a high efficient solar system using ultrasonic blue titanium Tinox collector from Germany. Collector performance is 2 times more efficient than standard solar water heater. Tank specifications are also upgraded with high quality stainless steel 316 1.5mm, (a standard solar water heater is using normal stainless steel 304 1.2mm). Casings of tank and collector are made from stainless steel (Standard casing are using aluminum), providing a better performance against corrosion. Aesthetics of SolarMax™ premium is also enhanced with only a panel exposed surface of 2.4 m2 (Standard panels have 4.0 m2 of exposed surface).

How I compare the quality and performance SolarMax™ with other brands?

The quality and performance of any solar heater depends on the specifications of raw material used, as well as the quality control during manufacturing process of solar collector panel and storage tank. Always choose a solar heater made with titanium, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, as these materials do not rust or corrode, ensuring a trouble free experience after installation on roof. Also, we recommend that you choose a collector with most hot water rising tubes for better efficiency.

Do I need to provide you the roof design before installation?

Yes because difference roof designs will require different installing methods. For example, for roof with pitch lower than 10°, we will need to install an additional angle stand to ensure optimal solar absorption. For roof with pitch above 45° and more than 3 storey heights building, we will need to arrange crane to install the SolarMax™. All these elements need to be evaluated for accurate pricing and installation.

Any maintenance required on solar hot water system?

SolarMax™ is build to last and corrosion resistant. Water is the only moving part. Thus, Minimal maintenance is required.

What kind of warranty do you give for SolarMax™?

SolarMax™ comes with a 10 years standard product warranty and 10 months warranty on workmanship.


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