Fire Retardant Foils Malaysia

With CoolMax™, Terreal offers a revolutionary fire retardant foil that has proven performance and durability. CoolMax™ Thermal Reflective Insulation offers unrivaled fire resistance compared with other fire retardant foils in the market. CoolMax™ Thermal Reflective Insulation from Terreal is an innovative insulation material, reducing heat gain during the day while permitting heat dissipation at night. The fire retardant foil also makes air conditioning much more energy efficient and inside environment more livable.

CoolMax™ Premium is environmentally friendly, out-greening all other fire retardant foils in the market. Customers can choose from six different CoolMax™ Premium insulation solutions is to suit varying needs and requirements regarding fire protection. CoolMax™ products are highly effective fire retardants, blocking as much as 97% of incoming radiation heat. Through minimized heat gain, minimal energy will be needed to adjust room temperatures to comfortable levels. During the day, it is critical that radiation heat is reduced to comfortable levels to create a livable environment.

CoolMax ™ CF1-FR from Terreal is the fire retardant foil that meets your needs for utmost fire safety. The innovative product also offers economical thermal protection. The retardant foil is designed using three layers laminate made of up of a single sided reflective Aluminum foil. The foil is bonded to reinforce high-density polyethylene woven fabric by a highly effective fire retardant material.

CoolMax ™ CF1-FR fire retardant meets relevant international standards regarding fire resistance. The product is designed to allow easy installation. There is no wire mesh or additional protective film required.

CoolMax CP3 Net from Terreal consists of small fire retardant air bubbles and two layers of reflective high resistance pure aluminum materials. The product offers very low emissivity (0.03 to 0.05 for each reflective surface).

The CoolMax CPM5 NET is made of 2 external pure aluminum foil. The layer covers a double layer of fire retardant polyethylene bubble film and one layer of XPE fire retardant foam. The retardant foil offers low Emissivity and is reinforced with bi-directional fiber net.

Terreal fire retardant foils pose no health or safety risks. In a fire situation, fire retardant foils have a non-combustible surface that eliminates the spread of flame. CoolMax™ has a proven fire safety record. Our enviable customer base has continuously trusted Terreal to provide fire retardant foils that ensure long-lived performance. Working with the right professionals is a great resource that enables customized roofing solutions.

CoolMax™ is compatible with our comprehensive range of components and fittings, further enhancing the reliability of the Terreal fire retardant foils.


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